Welcome from the ARHS PGO


The Amherst Regional High School Parent/Guardian Organization (ARHS PGO) welcomes you to the 2019-2020 Academic Year. We are a volunteer group of parents and guardians, and invite you to join us! The mission of the ARHS PGO is to:

  • promote communication and understanding among families, staff and the Amherst area community; 
  • foster a spirit of collaboration by providing a forum for participation and the exchange of information and ideas; and 
  • provide financial assistance where needed to enrich all students’ academic and overall experience

Evening Coffees with Principal Gene Jones and Others

The ARHS PGO regularly invites the principal and other guest speakers to present on a wide variety of relevant topics. Moderated Q&As are scheduled as part of these sessions. Join us and stay connected! 

PGO Weekly Newsletter

Our weekly Friday AM email newsletter will inform you about upcoming events, deadlines, news and more. We welcome the submission of information that is helpful to the ARHS community. All families who register students at ARHS prior to August 22 are automatically subscribed. You can sign up to receive the newsletter via email at arhspgonews@gmail.com. The newsletter can also be accessed from the front page of the ARHS website or at www.arhsparentcenter.org.  

Register your Stop & Shop Card for A+ Rewards to Support the PGO Grant Program

The PGO Grant Program uses money raised through Stop & Shop A+ Rewards to award more than $10,000 each year to staff in every department. We also offer Student-Initiated Grants to support creative and innovative ideas that benefit the entire ARHS Community. Please register your card, as this is the sole source of funding for our grant program. 

When you select our school, Stop & Shop makes a contribution to ARHS every time you shop at absolutely no cost to you.  To sign up for A+ Rewards or change your selected school to ARHS, go to www.stopandshop.com, sign in or register, select Savings/Rewards & Programs/ Register Now for A+, then choose ARHS (ID 05167). 


The PGO is a volunteer organization and we need your help for just a few hours a month. Please consider being a blog editor (2 hours /month), evening coffee coordinator (2 hours/month), or PGO secretary (2 hours/month). Interested? Email us at arhspgoboard@gmail.com.

Please also consider making an online donation to the PGO by going to www.arhsparentcenter.org and clicking on the donation tab. 

Thank you in advance for your help!

The ARHS PGO Board

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