Class of 2021-2022 Scholarship Opportunity

Students with a GPA of 2.5-4.0 GPA The Christian A. Herter Memorial Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to Commonwealth of Massachusetts students who demonstrate academic promise and aspirations for higher education.  This is an extremely competitive scholarship that requires significant extracurricular and personal accomplishments, demonstration of having overcome significant obstacles, two teacher recommendations, a school counselor recommendation and an essay. Due February 7th.   Applicants must also demonstrate hardships/obstacles overcome and accomplishments in the following areas: 1) Special Skills 2) Leadership Qualities 3) Relative Maturity 4) Personal Difficulties 5) Motivation 6) Enthusiasm 7) Capacity for Growth 8) Academic Promise 9) Community Outreach and Involvement.
You MUST attend an information session for a recommendation on Thursday, January 9th at 7:15 am or 2:25pm, in order to apply (if you have a conflict, you’ll have to communicate directly with Ms. Cuffee-Gray). Sign up in the Guidance & Counseling Office with Ms. Garrity.
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