Your Spring Cleaning Helps ARHS Earn Money

image0Start your spring cleaning early and help ARHS earn *FREE* money

Did you ever wonder why there’s a huge white donation bin as you drive into the school parking lot? This is one of the ARPS PGO’s effortless fundraisers – easy ways you can earn money for the Amherst schools at no cost for you.

Bay State Textiles collects used clothing and other textiles. Stained shirt? No problem. Ripped towel? No problem. Stinky dog blanket? Well, ok…just make sure it’s clean and dry. In addition to tops, pants, underwear, and coats, they accept boots, sneakers…even flip flops. They also collect stuffed animals, duffel bags, pillows…anything that’s soft. Check out the complete list here.

About 40% of the clothing that’s collected is still wearable and sent to developing countries. The rest is recycled and turned into fiber products and rags. They pay us by the pound so the more you donate, the more money we make!

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