Exam Schedule Survey Results

On January 16, which was an exam day at ARHS, there was a two-hour delay due to weather conditions.  As a result, ARMS and ARHS swapped the usual ARHS exam-day early dismissal for a late start.  Some students and staff provided feedback in the days after the change that they preferred the late start for exams. To gather more information, the Superintendent sent a short survey to all ARMS and ARHS staff, students and parents/guardians last week to see whether they prefer a late start or an early release on exam days.  They had an excellent response rate of 589 respondents, 233 of whom were students!  The results were interesting, with 62% of students expressing a preference to keep the current system of a regular start time and early dismissal on exam days rather than switching to a late start.

Based on the feedback received through the survey, ARPS will not be making any change to the schedules for exam days at this time. They thank everyone who took time to complete the survey so quickly when it was emailed out.  Your input is extremely valuable any time we consider changes designed to improve our students’ educational experience.

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