Junior College Planning Virtual Meetings

A note from Deidre Cuffee-Gray:

Hello Members of the Class of 2021,

I hope you are taking care of yourselves and those you care about in these unusual and difficult times. I’m thinking about you.

Know that colleges & universities are working hard to determine ways to ensure you, as prospective students, are going to be able to research and take a closer look at the schools they are considering. As you know, the SAT & ACT has been postponed at least through May.

Know that juniors all over the world are experiencing the disruptions that you are, so it is the new reality. We will be be available to figure things out as we get new information.

For juniors who have not meet with me  for Junior College Planning/Life After ARHS meeting, please find this link to schedule a time. You must complete your 54 Q survey if you are applying to a four year school, or the 22 Q survey if you intend to apply to a 2 year school, Americorps, employment, or the military. Currently, I have a limited amount of time through April 3rd. If it is necessary, I will expand the times I make available.

Here is the link for Junior Meetings – it is a bit of an experiment – please be patient – https://calendly.com/cuffee-grayd/junior-college-planning-meeting

ACT, SAT, Khan Academy, Method Prep (on Naviance) and Kaplan have made online test prep available. If you are so inclined use this time for some practice tests and prep.

Amanda Lewis from the Writing Center and I are brainstorming some college essay webinars for the week after next. Stay tuned. That will be an opportunity to cross one thing off your list. Here’s something from the “College Essay Guy” to work on your own – https://www.collegeessayguy.com/get-the-free-guide-to-writing-the-personal-statement

All in all, take care of yourselves,  the one known is the unknown, we don’t have answers for some of this stuff, but you have support for when the time comes to figure it out.

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