Jones Library presents Quarantine Cuisine: A virtual cooking club for teens

This week we’ll debut Quarantine Cuisine, an opportunity for teens to try out some new recipes, experiment in the kitchen, and share their successes (and failures!) with their peers.The first cookbook we’ll be using is Japanese Cooking with Manga, available from Hoopla with a free BPL eCard.Teens ages 11-17 are encouraged to borrow the book, choose a recipe, try it out, take photos, and then join us for a virtual meetup Thursday evening to share stories. Or if you’re not available to make the virtual meetup but want to follow along and participate, you can upload photos of your cooking creations on Instagram and tag @joneslibteens (or email us your photos and we’ll share them). Buen provecho!

Virtual meetup: Thursday, April 9th from 7:00-7:30 pm

Email us at for the video chat link!

For more information:

email or visit

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