Guidance Notice To Juniors

Hello Juniors,

I hope you are taking good care of yourselves and those you care about. This is not easy stuff. This is not business as usual, so be kind to yourself and others.

We are seeing colleges and universities making significant changes in their admissions procedures due to COVID 19. I would suggest that you fill in online admissions interest forms, and bookmarking the admissions websites for the schools that you are interested in so that you can quickly gain access to that information. Many schools are creating virtual tours, and information session, and revising their standardized testing requirements to name a few of the kinds of changes already in effect.

Because many schools are aware that the end of your junior year will not look the same for juniors all over the world, please ensure that you are doing all that you can to remain an active presence in your Distance Learning classes here at ARHS.

We’re working on the teacher recommendation process for the Class of 2021. Stay tuned for details.

Additionally, I am hearing from admissions officers that how you use your time during the quarantine will be of interest to them during the admissions process. Are you learning something new, programming a new game, sewing masks for the local hospice, raising money for the food shelter through GoFundMe, continuing an internship remotely, working as a delivery person to help pay family bills, studying about Corona virus, learning how to drive, creating art for elder in a nearby assisted living facility, facing your fears by doing something that scares you, taking photos of “life under quarantine” in your neighborhood? It is up you, but be ready for the question, “What did you learn about yourself during the COVID 19 crisis?”

Here are a couple of interesting things that students your age did (I’ll admit – it’s a bit over the top!):

The High Schooler Who Became a COVID-19 Watchdog

NHS senior uses 3D printer to aid hospital workers

You can schedule your spring college/career planning meeting with me. Note that you do have to complete your Naviance “Life After ARHS” Meeting for juniors. Complete the Naviance based 54 Questions if you know you are applying to a four year school, and the 22 questions if you plan to attend a community college, seek employment, take a GAP year, or enlist. She is ready to work with you and your families to begin planning for the future.

If the survey feels like a barrier to scheduling the meeting, please communicate with me so that I can help resolve this issue.

College Essay workshop for Juniors – April 15th at 2:00 pm. Take this opportunity to get going on your college essay. Writing Center Coordinator and Ms. Cuffee-Gray are offering a college essay workshop: “You Have Time on Your Hands! College Essay” – Use this link to log in –

I’m here to support, reach out to me so that I can be of assistance.

Ms. Cuffee-Gray

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