Provide WiFi to ARPS Students

In collaboration with all of the other ARPS school PGOs, we launched a fundraiser on April 3 to provide wifi routers and data plans to families in the ARPS district who did not have home internet service. With the community’s support we reached our goal of $25,000 in just 4 days – wow!  We thank everyone who has contributed so generously to our campaign at such a critical time.

However, we now understand that the need for home wifi access for students will extend well beyond this school year, especially for middle school and high school students. After speaking with the ARPS school district, we have extended our campaign goal to $45,000 to help fund this longer-term need. This goal is based on expected costs for next school year.

We know there are many local families struggling right now, as well as other critical needs in our community and are grateful for all donations. We appreciate your helping us close the digital divide and your support for more equitable access to learning at home.  Thank you again!

If you are able to contribute, here’s how you can help (all donations are tax deductible):

*  Sponsor a student by funding a mobile hotspot for at-home distance learning ($110)

* Fund one month of wifi access ($40)

*  Make a monthly, recurring donation to provide ongoing wifi access ($40/month)

*  Make a general donation

Thank you for helping provide all ARPS students with equal access for distance learning.


Donations can be made online  

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