From the ARHS Guidance Counselors

Please Note: We sent the below message a couple of weeks ago through a bulk email, but were since told some students and parents did not receive this because it landed in SPAM boxes. In case you did not receive, we are sending this now through Naviance and we welcome all students to join our ARHS Counseling Google classroom for both academic and social emotional information and resources. Unfortunately, due to our technology, only students and staff with ARPS emails are able to access this Google classroom so parents/guardians will need to view through their child’s account. 

Hello ARHS Students and Families,


We have been thinking a lot about our school community and are hoping you all are doing well in this most unusual time.  The counselors have been working hard these last few days putting together an ARHS Counseling Resources, Supports, and Information  Google Classroom to stay connected with you.  It will include important information around course registration, ALP applications, at-home activities, ideas around how to structure your days, and valuable self-care and social-emotional resources and supports. Please remember to check it regularly since we will be updating this Google Classroom with new information weekly. 


The classroom code is:  bdd2ljr


Students: Please remember to be responsible, respectful, and safe as we navigate these new online spaces. Make sure your comments are respectful of other people’s opinions and thoughts as you are responsible for your actions online.  Together we can build a respectful, safe space for all to participate.


To the Parents and Guardians,

Please remind your students to be responsible, respectful, and safe online.  This includes being respectful of other students’ opinions and thoughts. We will be reaching out to families directly if we need additional support.  If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to one of the counselors.

**Note: Although parents are not able to directly access this Google classroom page, only students with arps emails can do so due to our technology, we are including you in hopes you can encourage your child to check the site weekly and you are of course welcome to view it with them through their own link. 


We look forward to connecting with all of you!


Please stay safe.




Lisa Zephyr, Sherry Balzano, Kelly Larcheveque, Alessandra Mucci-Ramos, and Deidre Cuffee-Gray


ARHS School Counselors

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