Project Earth Through Multi-Arts

Multi-Arts invites young people to participate in PROJECT EARTH, 
and contribute in the creation of a play exploring Earth’s healing journey.
The project will be a theater production with instrumental music to premiere in the summer of 2020.
We will have FOUR meetings on Saturdays at 11 AM, by Zoom.
“Even from stuck inside, or from a walk down my street, I can see the changes. There are less planes in the sky, less smoke in the air, and less trash in the grass. PROJECT EARTH is a celebration and investigation of how a community can come together to pave the way for a healthier planet. We want to tell a story about our relationship to the world and the hope we have for it. We will use poetry, art, movement, and music from the Multi-Arts family, inspired by Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot”.” Maia Kinney-Petruch, lead playwright 
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