ARPS SEPAC Meeting on 6/5

The ARPS SEPAC will meet on June 5, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

LIST OF TOPICS: ARPS Special Education Parent Advisory Council Meeting (SEPAC) Representing: Pelham Elementary, Amherst Elementary, and Amherst Regional Schools as well as students out of district.

Join with Google Meet using the link: or by phone +1 402-295-5292 (PIN: 833435933)

Meeting is open to all in the community!

Executive Board Meeting Agenda:

  • Approve Minutes.

  • Presentation by Facilities Supervisor on addressing ADA deficiencies.

  • Vote for 2020-21 SEPAC Board. Nominations for Treasurer: none.

  • Nominations for Secretary: Sarah Weirich.

  • Nominations for Vice-President: none

  • Nominations for President: Catherine Lodge and Heather Sheldon jointly as Co-Presidents. 2020-21

  • School Year Event Planning

  • 2020-21 School Year Outreach Planning

  • Updates from Dr. Brady, Director of Student Services/Special Education.

  • Updates from School Committee Liaisons.

  • Next Meeting Agenda Planning.

  • Public Comment.

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