Senior Graduation News From Guidance

Hey Seniors!

So, yes. This is my penultimate email from Naviance to you. Yup, next to last…

I hope you are hanging in there and finishing up your last assignments, AP exams, and the like. You have weathered the final spring of your high school career, and I hope you are taking good care of yourselves and those you care about. Boy, was this spring wierd! I’m definitely thinking about you.

If have any snafus or snaggles, be sure to communicate with your guidance counselor and teachers sooner than later buckaroos! Communication is key to problem solving!


Cool celebration of ARHS seniors on Instagram – send your photo and your future plans and you’ll be celebrated with a post. Don’t be shy. @ [arhs_seniors_2020] Senior Class of 2020


I have heard that the fanfare of getting your lawn signs and yearbooks delivered was a ton of fun! Yipee! I also saw the whole nation celebrated you on Saturday night at #GraduateTogether. Plus, a prom is going to happen on May 22nd ( Whoot, whoot! Celebrate! (And be sure to register to vote!)

The Final Senior Survey

We need all senoirs to complete their Class of 2020 Final Senior Survey – this is one last thing we are requiring you to do (remember the LIME GREEN FORMS – just a memory!). This is important for us to track your plans and send final transcripts. Please take 15-20 minutes to complete the survey. We’ll be reminding you when you come to pick up stuff next week on the 26th too.

Community College Applications

If you are considering community college, but have yet submit your application, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Submit Application to GCC, HCC, STCC
  2. List the school you are applying to on your FAFSA – MA deadline was May 1st
  3. Request that ARHS send your transcript in Naviance

Please contact me, or Ms. Garrity if you need any assistance!

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