Letter to the ARHS Community

Parents and ARHS Community,

Over the past several days we have witnessed violent and non-violent reactions to the death of Mr. George Floyd. The recent events of a world pandemic, unemployment, isolation and now the death of Mr. Floyd have amplified what has been pervasive in our country. Not one group is to blame for what we are upset about, however it is an opportunity to address the sickness of racism. Whether it be microaggressions or overt bigotry we must be non-violent and work within the current systems in our society as we bring understanding and peace through dialogue and action. 

I could recall many instances of racial prejudice that have been directed towards me in the past and even currently as we speak. But I take the high road and I do not look for the patronizing responses that could be given. However, I have always subscribed to what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated when he said, “Racism is a sickness unto death”, and that death is a metaphor for our souls, our actions, and our mere existence as a people worldwide. I am hopeful that we have the capacity to come together not just as a one-time experience, but create sustainable change where every day we see each other for who we are and not based on a certain race or color. Now is the time ARHS Community! and we must have courageous conversations and be able to call out in a positive manner when negative politics, racism, and hate raises its ugly head. We can be a part of the solution! As a school community we are here to support your child as we move forward.


Gene T. Jones, Principal

Amherst Regional High School

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