Virtual Tours of All ARPS Schools Now Available

Since students who will be moving to a new school in the 2020-2021 school year cannot have the in-person tours typically offered each spring, they can now see their new school buildings through a virtual tour.  There is a link below for each of the schools in the district.  As of today, the principals have narrated many of the images in the elementary school tours, and this feature can be turned on by clicking the “gear” icon and then “turn narration on.” All images are 360 degree photos that are interactive with a mouse or touchpad.  The principals are currently working on narration for ARMS, ARHS and Summit Academy, but the unnarrated images are available at the links below. Check back soon for the narrated version!

Crocker Farm

Fort River



Amherst Regional Middle School

Summit Academy

Amherst Regional High School

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