Mark Your Calendars

Please Note: ARHS Students-SATs scheduled for 8.29.20 are canceled. 

Aug 8- Info Session at Southpoint 10 AM

Aug 12- Covid-19 Info Session with local medical professionals

Aug 15- Fall 2020 Info Session for Olympia Oaks and Village Park Residents 10 AM

Aug 17- ARPS Secondary Fall Planning Town Hall 9-10 AM

Aug 31- Sept 15- All Staff Orientation

Sept 7- Labor Day

Sept 14- Fall Sports Tentative Start Date

Sept 16- Earliest First Day of School

For the 2020-2021 school year, DESE has approved an additional 10 days of professional development for educators at the beginning of the school year and a reduction in the required number of days for students from 180 to 170 days. The revised ARPS 2020-2021 calendar needs to be approved by School Committee at a future meeting.

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