Call For School Book To Be Returned

Dear students and families!

We are reaching out to help facilitate a REALLY STRONG collection of: English books, library books, textbooks, art supplies and other borrowed school supplies to kick off the school year. 

When school closed on March 13, the English department alone sent almost 2,000 books home with students in grades 9-12, valued at over $30,000. Although some of our students returned those books in June when they came to return Chromebooks, many students did not return them—and we need those books to teach our courses this year!

Our aim is to collect all the English books and other textbooks and materials you left school with AND all the materials you may have accidentally forgotten to return over the last few years at ARHS. Look under your bed, on bookshelves, in the corner of your closet, in your abandoned backpack, and under your sofa! Bring us your stash of books!

When you return to school on September 14 or 15 to pick up your Chrome book and new textbooks, PLEASE BRING ANY AND ALL ENGLISH BOOKS—and all the other subjects too—WITH YOU!

In English, almost every single student in class borrowed at least one book (some two), but many students working on the honors project brought home 2-3 more.

In the gym, there will be long tables labeled by subject where you can leave your books under signs with teacher names. Please write your name inside the book if you haven’t already or put a post-it on or inside the book with name/teacher.

Thank you so much in advance for returning these valuable materials. It is much appreciated!

Sara Barber-Just

ARHS English Department Head

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