ARPS Distance Learning Agreement

As part of the distance learning model, ARPS will offer educational opportunities via a virtual platform such as Google Hangouts/Meets.  Many of these platforms have the capability to capture video and sound within range of your child’s computer camera and/or microphone. Prior to engaging in virtual learning, ARPS wishes to clarify expectations around appropriate use of virtual technology for educational purposes as follows:

  1. Participation and access to virtual meetings and classes is limited solely to students who are enrolled in the class unless otherwise allowed by the teacher.  Students and/or their parents/guardians shall not share links or other access information with anyone who is not enrolled in the class.
  2. Students should make every effort to engage in virtual meetings and classes in a quiet, private area in order to minimize background noise and distractions. 
  3. ARPS strictly prohibits students and families to take screenshots, pictures, audio/video recording and distribution of any virtual meeting or class in order to protect student privacy, proactively prevent potential cyberbullying, prevent the distribution of copyrighted materials and comply with Massachusetts law, which makes it illegal to audio record another person without his/her knowledge.
  4. Students are required to adhere to all ARPS policies while participating in virtual meetings and classes including, but not limited to, its Acceptable Network Use Policy (Policy IJNDB), Anti-Bullying Policy (Policy JICFB) and Student-to-Student Harassment Policy (Policy JICF), with the stated consequences to be administered for noncompliance with those policies.
  5. The Amherst, Pelham and Amherst-Pelham Regional Schools and its employees will be held harmless, for any video, audio and digital/online content used for instructional and enrichment activities (“Distance Learning”) that is in any way altered, manipulated, reposted, or reused by a student, a parent/guardian, or someone with whom a student or parent/guardian shared said content with after its original posting on a District approved platform for Distance Learning, from any and all claims or actions, in any way related to said Distance Learning. Your child’s participation in Distance Learning activities indicates your acceptance of the above terms.
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