Food delivery schedules

ARPS is continuing to provide breakfast and lunch for pick up at various locations throught town. All meals are free for anyone 18 and younger through 12/31/2020.

Deliveries will be made 9/16-9/30 on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays and continue to provide meals seven days a week. We are combining two sites The Brook and Mill Valley will be at Mill Valley and The Boulders and Southpoint will be at Southpoint.


Boulders/Southpoint 42 Southpoint (office entrance) – 11:45-12:00

Butternut Farm 12 Longmeadow Dr (office entrance) – 12:10-12:25

The Brook/Mill Valley 420 Riverglade Dr (office entrance)- 11:20-11:35

Colonial Village 81 Belchertown Rd (by mailboxes) – 12:10-12:25

ARHS 21 Mattoon Street (side entrance by cafeteria)- 11:15-12:15

Main Street 693 Main Street (behind Apt. 13) – 11:45-12:00

Mill District 75 Cowls Road (front of the building)- 12:10-12:25

North Village/Presidential 950 N. Pleasant St (bus stop at N.V. entrance)- 11:20 11:35

Olympia Drive 57 Olympia Drive (office entrance) – 11:45-12:00

Pomeroy Lane 34 Pomeroy Lane (community room) – 11:45-12:00

Rolling Green/Gatehouse Road 1 Rolling Green Dr (office entrance) – 11:20-11:35

Village Park 497 E. Pleasant St (office entrance)- 11:20-11:35

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