English Book Collection and Distribution, Special Instructions

We are reaching out to help facilitate a REALLY STRONG Quarter 1 English book collection and Quarter 2 book pick-up on November 9 and 10, from 3-6 p.m. in the ARHS gym. (This is also the date for Quarter 2 material pick-ups in all other subject areas, but there are some English-specific details we wanted to communicate).

All students in a grade 9-12 English course should plan to return any texts they have read/completed, even if they are not picking up new materials. (Because we will begin semester 2 English courses in February with the books students read at the start of semester 1, collecting them now is critical to ensure we have enough materials to begin all courses then.) 

On November 9 and 10, students will be directed to tables labeled by subject and class/teacher in the gym. Students will check off the books they are returning on a roster on the table and will also be directed to pick up/sign out new materials if they need to. 

In grade nine, students in Kristen Iverson or Chris Herland’s classes are STRONGLY encouraged to return/pickup materials on Monday, November 9 (because books they are dropping off will be picked up by ninth-graders in other classes who need those materials on November 10). 

In grade nine, students in Mark Moriarty and Keith McFarland’s classes are STRONGLY encouraged to return materials and pick up new ones on Tuesday, November 10. 

Tenth graders may return/pick-up materials on either Monday or Tuesday.

Eleventh and twelfth-grade students may return/pick-up materials on either Monday or Tuesday.

Because it may be difficult for students or family members to arrange to be there during the window of time allotted, it is fine for family members or friends/neighbors who know the teacher’s name and course name to do the pick-up or drop-off for students. 

Please reach out to your child’s teacher if you cannot make it on Monday or Tuesday and need to arrange for another time later in the week.

Last but not least, when the school closed last spring on March 13, we sent almost 2,000 books home with students in grades 9-12, valued at over $30,000. We did not receive all of those books at the end of school year 2020, nor did they all come back this fall.  Please have students bring back any and all school textbooks, novels, library books, or other materials on November 9 and 10.

Thank you so much in advance for returning these valuable materials. It is very much appreciated!

Sara Barber-Just, Elizabeth Bull, Matthew Despres, Chris Herland, Kristen Iverson, Kate Kuhn, Keith McFarland, Mark Moriarty, Danielle Seltzer

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