ARHS Cabaret

One of the longstanding traditions of the choral program at ARHS is Cabaret, an evening of food and fun as students perform skits and songs in small groups. This year, Cabaret is moving online, and all students may take part.

What would a virtual Cabaret look like, you might ask? Those who experienced the Student Written Play Festival in the spring may have some idea. Students will record themselves performing their part in a solo (possibly), duet or small group performance, and the recordings will be stitched together onscreen. A couple examples online can be found here and here

Here are a few guidelines:You don’t have to have someone to work with, or choose a song, in order to participate! Fruth will find somewhere for you to fit.

If you do choose a song, it can be from any genre. In recent years we’ve been about 50% musical theater, 50% other genres.

Consider a skit before and/or after the song itself.

The song you pick should EITHER have a backing track that you create or find online, or you’d also be welcome to accompany yourself on an instrument in your recording! We also have some talented instrumentalists at ARHS who would probably be willing to help out if needed.

You’d be more than welcome to work with students who are not in choral ensembles. I’ll be putting something in the morning announcements to try to cast a wider net.

Costumes, lighting, props, and staging will all enhance the presentation .

Cabaret also has a pair of charming MCs to tie together the evening. Those roles will exist again this year, and those who enjoy crafting humorous transitions between acts are encouraged to apply.

There is a Google Form for you to fill out if you’re interested in participating! No need to fill it out right away, but it’s not too soon to start thinking about what you might like to perform, and who you might like to perform with.

Important Dates:


Tuesday, November 24th — This is the deadline to let Fruth know if you’re interested in participating by filling out this survey.

Late November through December — I’ll work with students to check in musically and to discuss the visual presentation and recording logistics

Friday, December 18th — This is the deadline for your recordings, so I can assemble them over winter break

Saturday, January 9th, 7 pm — We will stream the final product and hopefully have a live watch party

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