Homework During School Breaks

From Dr. Michael Morris, Superintendent:

Students are expected to complete a significant amount of work outside of the school day and throughout the school year. We are committed to maintaining high expectations for our students, and we celebrate the many ways they achieve and succeed. However, we also recognize that there are times during the school year that students should be able to rest and recharge.

To that end, our practice is that no homework or professional work will be given, completed, or required by students and teachers during the Thanksgiving or the winter breaks. Long-range projects will not have a due date of November 30 or January 4, respectively. Moreover, while daily reading is always recommended, it should be based on the choice of the student or family, not based on an assigned reading or text.

For our students’ benefit, it is important that we recognize that these two breaks are used for not only religious or cultural observances and holiday celebrations, but also as a brief reprieve from the continuous academic assignments of the school year.

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