Regional Teen Leadership Program for Healthy Relationships


This Regional Teen Leadership Program will teach leadership skills related to promoting healthy teen relationships.  It is open to grades 9-12 from Hampshire County, has a limit of 14 students total and 4 per school, and will be run on Zoom.

Students will learn about healthy relationships, unhealthy relationships, and consent as well as learning about and practicing Dialogue Across Difference skills so they can have conversations with their peers that engage, respect and include different viewpoints. With help from group facilitators, students will develop and implement one strategy to bring what they learned to other students and/or adults in their school.  

The program will run from December 1st through March 2nd on Tuesdays 3-5pm by Zoom.  Applications are due November 23rd. There is a limit of 14 students total, and 4 students per school.  

Apply HERE  

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