Call for Submissions: Dreaming the Future!

The Forbes, Jones, and Lilly libraries are collaborating with UMass’s Feinberg Lecture Series, and we are asking the young people of Western Massachusetts (ages 5-18) to help envision a future where climate change is mitigated and the world has adapted. The project, Dreaming the Future, asks young people to consider their relationship with the natural world, how they think it might change in the future, what they hope it might be like, and how to help guide humanity toward a more climate-just world. Participants are invited to respond to a variety of prompts and share their work with us; we will then publish the collection as a zine (a limited-edition publication). Participants will receive a physical copy of the booklet and it will also be available online. We are asking for submissions now through January 1st. To view the prompts and find information on how to submit, please visit:

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