Attention Seniors!


In a effort to help you be self-sufficient, both now and during the vacation weeks, please find the Application Checklist.

Waiting until the very last minute will not serve you well. If you send an essay for review on the afternoon of December 18th, know that you risk not getting feedback prior to the January 1st deadline. There is a college essay workshop today at 3pm.RSVP link –

Ms. Cuffee-Gray has 15 minute slots remaining for this week – if you need a quick check in, please use this link.

Please refer to Ms. Garrity’s email from last week for application guidance and her availabilty.


If you are a student who is applying to a 2 year college, considering a GAP Year, seeking employment, planning on enlisting, or uncertain of your plans, Ms. Cuffee-Gray would like to meet with you during the first two weeks of January. If she can be of assistance in helping you to make a plan, please set an appointment to talk about Life After ARHS!

Checklist for College Apps 1.pdf

Life After ARHS Links for Classes of 2021 & 2022 –

How to Sign Up for Admissions Rep Visits VIDEO 

Recommendation Meeting with Ms. Cuffee-Gray – link

Life After ARHS Meetings with Ms. Cuffee-Gray – link

First Gen Fridays – Life After ARHS – link

Visit the Ms. Cuffee-Gray’s office at this link!
Here’s the ARHS Counseling Office link – connect with school counselors and find resources! Ms. Garrity is excited to help you! 

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