ARHS School Photo Day – January 29, 2021

If you would like a Professional School Picture to go into the Yearbook and/or a Student ID, please:  

  • Follow the instructions in the Picture Form Flyer 
  • Contact Ms. Garrity  and Mr. Sadiq 
    • They will need to schedule the time you will come into the school on Friday, January 29th to have your picture taken 
    • The Deadline to sign up for a professional picture is Monday, January 18th. 
      • The photographers will be spread out, have air-purifiers, and hand sanitizer next to their stations
  • If you Do Not want a Professional School Picture taken for the Yearbook
    • Please fill out the Google Form 
      • After you have filled out the Google Form, you will be contacted and told how you can submit your picture

Students can start dropping off books and materials from Semester 1, starting Monday, January 25th, and start picking up books and materials for Semester 2 a day or two after. Please email or call 413-362-1700 with any questions. Thanks and take care.

Talib Sadiq

School Photo Flyer 

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