From the College & Career Advisors

Admissions and Scholarship Essay Help – Mondays

Join Ms. Lewis and Ms. Cuffee-Gray – 3:00-3:30pm –

Humble Bragging: Watch the snappy map light up with positive admissions decisions for the Class of 2021!  It’s a humble brag, your name will not be associated with the admit that is listed.  Use this link to let us know where you got in!

Also – please list all of your decisions in Naviance as they come in. The good, the bad and the ugly. Knowing helps us and the Class of 2022.

GAP Year – Let Us Help You Plan!!! link

Thinking about a GAP Year? We’re here to help. Sign up for a weekly GAP Year planning session with Mr. Lubin. Set some goals and make a plan. Fill in this form (link) and we’ll include you in the group.

FAFSA Day – From MEFA – Get Help With Your FAFSA!

Our upcoming FAFSA Day MA events, all virtual, offer a brief presentation on the FAFSA and leave plenty of time for live Q&A. Encourage your students to register for an upcoming event.

 Sunday, February 7th @ 2:00 p.m. en Espanol

 Thursday, February 11th @ 7:00 p.m. in English

FAFSA Challenge – Can ARHS WIN?!!! – MEFA is offering $1,000 FAFSA Day Challenge Scholarships this spring to help encourage FAFSA completion. Click the Link for more details.

If you are applying for financial aid, merit aid, or using the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship for tuition, you must complete your FAFSA.  Don’t miss the deadlines!  

Scholarships and Grants

Here’s some suggestions for scholarships!

Big Y – Due February 1st

Community Foundation of Western MA – Due March 31st –

MEFA January Deadlines –

MEFA February Deadlines –

It’s that time! You’ve started applying for schools, now you need to find a way to cut costs! Check out Naviance for scholarships for now, and keep an eye out for an email in February with our local scholarship book! Check out this video if you need help:

MCAC – Massachusetts College Application Celebration February 2nd & 4th

We are hosting a great opportunity for those of you who are moving a little slowly in the process and interested in four and two year MA public colleges. It is also really a great way to gain admission to some great and affordable schools here in MA. On February 2nd and 4th we’ll help with applications and have admissions officers present for the amazing MA Public colleges that are still accepting applications.

Stay tuned!!!

Cost of Attendance

Compare Award Letters –

My College Cost Calculator – is an incredible resource for weaving affordability into your decision making process. If you create an account, you have access to courses on financial aid and affordability.

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