GenQ is a social and support group for queer, trans, and nonbinary youth ages 14-21. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, their programming has shifted from twice a week, in person, to an online drop in-style setting. Recently, this group has been revamped to better meet the needs of its participants. Below is the current programming.
Mondays: Peer Support & Community Connections | 4-6 pm
This time is for youth to receive assistance from staff and their peers, as well as connect to other organizations in the community. It meets on Zoom and the link can be found here.
Tuesdays: Brave Space Weekly Workshops | 4-6 pm
During this time, youth meet with staff on Zoom to participate in youth-led, adult-supported workshops. Youth can suggest and/or host their own activities. The link can be found here.
Thursdays: Peer Support & Community Connections | 2-4 pm
This is the same as Mondays’ programming but held for a shorter period of time and may be hosted by a different staff member. It also meets on Zoom and the link can be found here.
During the periods where there is no programming, youth can turn to Discord for additional peer support, access to resources, and the opportunity to meet other participants. Staff are often online and available for assistance. The link can be found here.
The staff person to contact about programming and enrollment is Dan Lionheart, our LGBTQIA+ Specialist and their email is

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