Attn Seniors: Scholarship Updates

  1. We have a brand new scholarship- The Mitchell Family First Gen Scholarship is available for students who are the first in their family to attend college. Address this in your essay. Use the ARHS Scholarship Application to apply by April 15th. There are 2 $500 available!
  2. Don’t forget that April 5th at 3:00pm is the deadline for ARHS scholarship submissions- NO EXCEPTIONS! Other scholarships may have earlier or later deadlines, so be sure to check the scholarship book for information about that!
  3. For scholarships that require a transcript, YOU MUST REQUEST YOUR TRANSCRIPT IN NAVIANCE. Email requests are not official. To request a transcript in Naviance for a scholarship, go to “Colleges” –> “Apply to College” –> “Manage Transcripts” and request an “Other” transcript. Put the details in the notes section. If you need an unofficial, list yourself as the recipient.
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