Attn Seniors

Seniors, links below for college planning waitist, comparing costs, and FA appeals. Also, my fabulous intern Ed Lubin, can be available for a couple of small group meetings to check in and ask any questions juniors might have in the meantime – some of you have met Mr. Lubin during your meetings and in classroom visits. (Here are the links for next week – Wednesday, March 31st 1:30-2:00pm and Thursday, April 1st 11:00am – 11:30am ).

To put a finer point on it, this year has been rough for the members of the Class of 2021, and I’m sorry I’m not more present right now. I sure am thinking about you and hoping that spring provides some sunshine and relief for you! Know that we are also planning GAP Year meetings (Registration link – X4JkQShAi3431HY57), and planning better resources for those of you considering employment and job training for after graduation. Stay tuned. 

And, as always, Crystal Garrity, our awesome Guidance Secretary, is available if you have any questions.  With Great Care,Ms. Cuffee-Gray 

Reseach Colleges Without Visiting –

Appeal Your Financial Aid Offer

Comparing College Costs &

Waitlist Advice –

Job/Internship/GAP Year Search –

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