Bus Routes for the Remainder of the School Year Now Available

Dear Middle School and High School Parents/Guardians:

The bus routes that will be in place for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year have been finalized and are now available at  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rDQsR2YSe3V3jnWt_5ME09lC_2bxs6Ss/view.  There are some very important changes to note about the routes:

  • Some stops have changed and will now require students to walk a little further to the bus stop than they have in the past.
  • Capacity on each bus is greatly reduced because all students have been assigned a seat with appropriate social distancing from students outside their immediate family.
  • Students who requested transportation were assigned to a bus for their primary residence only due to the complexity of developing the routes within a very limited time frame.
  • Since seats are assigned, students who did not sign up for transportation on the family survey will not be allowed to board.
  • Students will not be allowed to ride any bus other than their regularly assigned bus, either to or from school.

For families who did not request transportation but now need it for their student, or who need pick-up or drop off for more than one residence, the middle and high schools are each creating a waiting list.  Once in-person school has started and any general issues have been resolved, our transportation department will assess each request to determine if it can be accommodated. This is likely to be done during the first or second week of May. Please call the principal’s office at your child’s school to add them to the transportation waiting list (for ARMS call 362-1847 or 362-1850. For ARHS and Summit Academy call 362-1700.).

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