HCC and GCC Options for ARHS 9-11 Grade Students

Current 10th and 11th grade students interested in pursuing full-time Dual Enrollment, meaning taking all of their classes at Greenfield or Holyoke Community College and earning ARHS and community college credits simultaneously, must contact their caseload counselor to discuss next steps soon. The process is relatively simple but takes a few weeks and the deadline to complete the FULL process is May 31st. Therefore, if you are interested, discuss this with parents or guardians first since families need to pay for the classes and provide their own transportation. If this sounds like the right fit for you, contact your counselor soon. 

Interested in taking one free class at HCC in the fall 2021?  Holyoke Community College is offering a free course to students taking their first ever class at HCC. Discuss this at home and then with your counselor during your individual counselor registration meeting in May. Counselors will contact you when it is your scheduled time to meet, but please be assured that every 9-11 grade student already has a designated time put aside for them to review any class registration questions for next year. You will be notified the day of your meeting so stay tuned!

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