Important Info for Seniors

Hello all-

You have reached the homestretch!  I am writing today with some exciting updates.  On Saturday, May 29th Northampton will lift all emergency Covid restrictions.  Here is the press release.  This means that we will be holding graduation in the Pines Theatre with your families and friends in attendance rather than out at the pavilions. Each student will receive an envelope with 8 tickets for the Pines Theatre (you will receive these tickets at the ice cream social on Friday, June 4th).  If you need a ride to Look Park from ARHS for rehearsal please let Ms.Terry Ominsky know at We will be running a bus that morning at 10:30. Friends and families should plan to arrive at Look Park at 3:00pm. All people inside of the Pines Theater will be required to wear a mask and bring their own seating.  This is a grassy concert arena so families should be prepared with lawn chairs or blankets. We will still be streaming the event for family and friends to watch remotely (anywhere in the world).  It will be streamed on the ARPS YouTube Channel.  We will also stream graduation to two of the pavilions in Look Park. If you would like additional tickets (beyond 8) you may invite family members to the park to watch your graduation from one of those pavilions. If you have friends or relatives that are uncomfortable with the larger crowd in the Pines Theatre you are also welcome to invite them to watch it streamed with smaller groups at the pavilions.  If you would like a few pavilion tickets please contact Ms. Terry Ominsky at  

Once graduation is over (approximately 5:30pm) we will transition to a non-school sponsored dinner and after party.  The after party will include dancing in the Pines Theatre and games out of the Pines Theater in the adjacent pavilion and fields. You are welcome to invite a guest to the dance party/games but we will not be able to feed your guest dinner.  This party will run until the park closes at 8:30pm.  If you have a friend or relative that is willing to volunteer to help with lunch, dinner or the after party please have them fill out this form by Monday, May 31st.  

Attached you will find a schedule of events for the next two weeks.  Find the link here.  This schedule includes the exam schedule, the last day of school, virtual senior awards ceremony, elementary school visits, car parade and graduation day information.  

Also, complete the “Class of 2021 Final Senior Survey” in Naviance. Regardless of your path after graduation, you must complete this survey. If you need assistance, please contact Ms. Cuffee-Gray, or Ms. Garrity.

The Class of 2021 survey is mandatory for all seniors. This is an obligation (parents/guardians are able to complete if necessary).

  1. Log into Naviance
  2. Go to About Me
  3. Go to My Surveys
  4. Go to Surveys Not Started
  5. Go To Class of 2021 Final Senior Survey

Here is a video with Ms. Cuffee-Gray’s melodious voice to guide you. 

Also, if you need more assistance, or just want to check in to say, “hello!” Please use this link.


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