College and Career Advising Reminders for Seniors

From Ms. Cuffee-Gray:

Office Hours: Outside the Cafeteria on SHINE DAYS – Just Outside the Cafeteria on RAIN DAYS. Come join me or I’ll be sitting all by my lonesome. Sign Up or Walk Up AND TALK! – Here’s the LINK
Tuesdays 1st Lunch
Wednesday 2nd Lunch
Thursdays 3rd Lunch  

Life After ARHS Planning Meetings – Meetings begin September 9th – SCHEDULING LINK
First Gen Fridays – Meetings begin September 10th-SCHEDULING LINK
(Students who are First Generation College students – Fridays are reserved for you!)
For these meetings please note that parents and guardians must either meet outside or remotely. Please be sure to:
Revise and update your Naviance Survey
Let your teacher know if you will be missing class time (commit to make up missed time/work)
Add your parent/gaurdians’ email in the sign up 

School Counseling Recommendation Meeting – SCHEDULING LINK
If I am writing your  School Counselor Recommendation, sign up using this link. Be sure that you have completed the longer Naviance survey for four year college applications.  Please note that there is a lot of good stuff in my virtual office (including recordings of previous workshops…). Check it out.

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