For Seniors and Juniors: College visits

College visits to ARHS started this past week. Admissions representatives will be visiting, either in-person or virtually, from all over the country. In-person visits will be happening outside as long as weather permits.

Seniors and Juniors receive 3 “admin excused” absences to attend ARHS college visits. (You also can get 3 day-long admin excused absences for visiting colleges off-campus.) Everything after 3 will be a regular excused absence.

To attend a college visit at ARHS, you can see the list of colleges in Naviance (and you’ll get an email alert if a college from your favorites list is visiting soon). See Ms. Garrity in Guidance for a pass in the morning, and present that pass to your teacher at the start of class to be excused. Come check in at Guidance to sign in to the meeting. If you do not sign in, we can’t prove you attended and you could end up with an unexcused absence.

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