You can still give to the Maroon Envelope fundraiser

Did you miss the chance to give to the ARHS Grants Program on #GivingTuesday? You’re not alone! We would like to raise a wee bit more money for student and teacher grants, so we are keeping the fundraiser open until the end of the year.  We promise this is the only ask we’ll make until this spring.

In past years, the PGO has given grants for art supplies, hanging periodic tables, ELL books, visiting speakers and performers, water bottle filling stations and other environmentally-focused initiatives, and much much more.

Donations of *any amount* are gratefully accepted – $5 from ten families is just as helpful as $50 from one family! You can Venmo @ARHS-PGO or donate by credit card or check. Please help us enrich our high school in ways most needed. 

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