Environmental Action Club presents Reusable Week

At Amherst Regional High School we are committed to sustainability and environmental action. This is why The Environmental Action Club at ARHS is organizing a reusable week where our students will be encouraged to do the right thing and create less waste. During the week of December, 13-17th students will participate with the theme of the day whether it be wearing a reusable mask, bringing a reusable water bottle, or bringing utensils for lunch. Each time your student participates they get entered into a raffle for a chance to win gift cards to local businesses like Antonio’s and Go Berry. If you want to take small steps towards sustainability and have a chance at some delicious food, participate in Reusable Week at ARHS! 

Monday  Wear a reusable mask day! 

Tuesday  Bring your reusable water bottle

Wednesday  Reusable lunch day, bring lunch from home, or reusable utensils

Thursday  Wear a Hand-Me-Down or thrift-ed piece of clothing

Friday Bring it all together: Mask, Water Bottle, Utensils, Thrifted Clothes. 

We appreciate you encouraging your ARHS student to participate in this fun event, and hope it serves as a good reminder of the small steps we can take to help our planet!

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