Note from the principal


There are still a significant number of students who are coming into the building after 9:05. These students are walking in from the parking lot, so they are either driving themselves or getting dropped off by their family. We have been making announcements over the loudspeaker at 9:05 letting students and teachers know that anyone entering the classroom after 9:05 is tardy. We have also adjusted the Senior Exam Exemption start date. The date seniors will start accumulating absences and tardies that will disqualify them from being exempt from exams has been moved from Monday, February 28, 2022, to Monday, January 24, 2022. January 24th is the first day of the second Semester. Please help support our attempts to get students to school five or ten minutes sooner. Those five or ten minutes at the beginning of every day add up to a lot of missed instruction and disruption to the classes they enter late.  Thank you for your support.

Take care,
Talib Sadiq

Click here to see details of the 2022 Senior Exam Exemption.

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