Superintendent’s update from 12/17

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I am pleased to share that we have begun a district-wide review of our elementary math program for grades K-5, an action that has been called for by many educators and families who have expressed concerns about the efficacy of our current curriculum.  It is likely that I will recommend to the Amherst and Pelham School Committees that we adopt a different math curriculum at the end of this process.  Any new curriculum selected would be implemented beginning Fall 2022. An update on the make-up of the Math Review Committee, work done to-date, and upcoming events in the review process is included in the newsletter below.

Last week, I shared the approved school calendar for the 2022-2023 school year; however, there was an error in the date of Yom Kippur.  Thank you to the ARPS community member who spotted the error and alerted us to it!  The corrected calendar is included in this week’s newsletter.

Since next week is a short one, this will be the last ARPS Update before the winter break—and a new calendar year—begins.  I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the ARPS community for the ways in which we have worked together to realize our goal of returning to, and maintaining, in-person learning.  Vaccines and our mitigation strategies of mask-wearing, hand washing, pooled testing and social distancing have helped keep our community safe and learning together.  Thank you to everyone for all you have done from August to now to maintain a safe learning environment for our students.

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