Hair: The Musical

ARHS presents the Tony-Award Winning Musical Hair!  The iconic show about 1960s counterculture, Hair follows the lives of a group of young NYC activists, artists, and war protestors with all of their idealism and shortcomings.  Charged by an incredible music score, Hair is as much a celebration of the power of music and art as it is a reminder of how closely our past and present are linked.  

As in all years, the ARHS musical brings together well over 100 students from all corners of the school to design, build, produce, and perform a massive show together under the guidance of the ARHS Performing Arts staff.  Thanks for supporting the arts at ARHS!  Please note: this show contains mature content and is not recommended for audiences under the age of 14+.  A full content advisory for the show and our COVID audience policy are both available on the ticketing website.

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