Message from the principal: Graduation and Prom

Hello ARHS Families,

We have been receiving a lot of questions about Prom and Graduation. Here are some of the important things to know about each of these exciting events.

The ARHS Graduation will be on Friday, June 10th at the Mullins Center. The graduation ceremony will start at 6:00 PM and last for approximately two hours. Soon we’ll be asking senior parents to volunteer to help with some of the graduation prep work. Be on the lookout for that request. We will not be printing tickets for graduation. In the past, we have never charged anyone to attend graduation, and we believe the Mullins Center can accommodate all of our graduates’ guests. We will however ask our seniors to limit the number of guests they plan on inviting to no more than 20. This, of course, is all dependent on the Department of Public Health (DPH) safety guidelines. We will let you all know if any changes to those guidelines impact the number of guests who will be able to attend the graduation ceremony.

The ARHS Senior Prom is scheduled for Saturday, May 28th at The Log Cabin (500 Easthampton Road Holyoke, Mass 01040) from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM.

Below are the guidelines that were given to our seniors at their grade level assembly on April 4th. They were also given the Prom permission slip at that assembly. They need to purchase their ticket(s) and return the permission slip before Wednesday, May 18th. They were also told that if the DPH safety guidelines change it could impact them being able to bring a guest from another high school to the Prom. If we receive any new information from the DPH about the safety guidelines, we will share it with all of you.


  • Tickets:
    • ARHS Seniors: $60
    • ARHS Reduced Lunch: $45
    • ARHS Free Lunch: $25
    • All Non-ARHS Students/ARHS Juniors/ARHS Sophomores/ARHS Freshman: $65
  • Students and guests will be admitted to the Prom between 6:00 PM  and 8:00 PM.
  • No one may enter the Prom after 8:00 PM.
  • Dinner will be served at 7:00 PM.
  • ●     Non-senior and non-ARHS students must enter with their ARHS Senior host. They may not remain at the prom if their ARHS senior host leaves.
  • ●     Each ARHS senior is responsible for their non-ARHS or non-senior guest
  • Every student and guest must submit to a non-invasive alcohol screening.  A cut-off level of zero percent reflects our zero-tolerance alcohol policy.
    • Students unwilling to submit to the screening will not be admitted.
    • Students who test positive for alcohol will be supervised until a parent/guardian can pick them up.
    • Students will be asked to resubmit to an alcohol screening during Prom if there is a reasonable suspicion that they are under the influence.
  • Students may not leave and re-enter the Prom.
  • The Log Cabin is a non-smoking/vaping facility.  There are no smoking/vaping areas at the Prom.
  • Students and guests are expected to follow all rules outlined in the ARHS Student Handbook. 

We are really excited about both of these events. Any support with our efforts to help our seniors end their high school careers on a high note is welcome and appreciated. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you.

Take care,
Talib Sadiq

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