Message from the Principal: Info for Seniors


Here is some more information about Prom and Seniors’ last days of school.

Prom is almost here, and unfortunately, Covid is still a thing. In an attempt to try and prevent a potential large spread, we will be asking all seniors and their non-ARHS or non-senior guest to take a Covid rapid test between 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm (when the doors open for Prom) on May 28th. We will be giving out rapid test kits to all seniors on Friday, May 27th. Each kit contains two rapid tests. We will have to rely on Seniors and their families to make sure that tests are taken, and that anyone who is positive does not attend the Prom. We do not want Prom to be a “super spreader” event. Thank you for your help with this.  

Our Seniors’ last day of school is still June 3rd. To clarify, they are expected to be in school and to attend all of their classes those last four days. Some teachers will want to celebrate with them before they leave us, and they will have work and activities for them to do during their last days of school. 

Seniors will receive their Cap & Gown during lunch on their last day, Friday, June 3rd. There will be an Ice Cream Social on that day as well. Seniors will get dismissed from their D-period class, around 1:45 pm, and walk out of the front door to thunderous applause from their classmates and the adults in the building. Then they can enjoy some ice cream and popsicles across the street next to Memorial pool. We are hoping they will enjoy their last week of school with each other and the educators who have watched them grow and mature during their time at ARHS. 

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Take care

Talib Sadiq


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