Do You Know. . . The Block Schedule

ARHS adopted the current block schedule last year. We have heard some questions from families about how this schedule works, so here are the basics:

There are 4 regular blocks each day: A, B, C and D. At the end of the day is the shorter Plus Block. You can see the time blocks here; there is also a schedule here that shows how the blocks are shortened on early release days. Students all eat lunch during C block. Each student is assigned to either 1st, 2nd or 3rd lunch, and they leave their C period class for that time period to eat. 

In your student’s schedule you will see some courses marked with a Q and some with an S. The Q courses are quarter-length courses, so for example your student might have one class for Q1 (the first quarter of the year) and a different class for Q2 (the second quarter). The S courses run for the entire semester.

The Plus Block is used for extra help, finishing projects, assignments and labs with the teacher who has assigned this work.  They can also use the time as a Directed Study. The Plus Block days are associated with particular classes, as shown on the schedule.  There are also Academic Skill sessions in the Plus Block in addition to “off season” ensemble practice.  For example if a student is in the Jazz Band in the fall they will have the opportunity to practice during a Plus Block period in the Spring if they are caught up in their classes. The school has a Professional Learning Group set up to continue exploring the possibilities for the Plus Block.  

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