Home Sweet Home Festival 8/27

In multiple sites on the grounds of the Hitchcock Center in Amherst, the Rainbow Players (RPs)- as Animals from Habitats across the Earth will host the HOME Sweet HOME Climate Action Community Festival and Obstacle Course for All Ages. We will guide humans through current climate facts through an immersive theater experience in a festival environment.  There will be scheduled events during our time together, allowing an immersive experience to take place as each visitor enters and is guided through the participatory obstacle course.  Together we explore the ways that Climate Change appears in our world, 2022 and beyond. Each person has opportunities to contribute thoughts and art as solutions. With talk show hosts and puppets, giant animal puppet guides and live news updates, each person assesses their level of participation, current and future, in one of the most important issues of our time. Interactive Art walks & Do Nothing vs. Do Something scenarios offer hope. We conclude in a musical gathering and parade of nature, sounds and art making for all ages. *All sites are chosen for accessibility and ease of gathering with the potential of social distancing and masks.” Details available here.

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