Message from the Principal

Hello Families & Friends of ARHS,

I hope you all have been able to talk with your children about how school has started out for them. A quick recap in case they did not share a lot of details with you. On our 1st day of school last Thursday, students spent time in their Advisory getting reacquainted and/or getting to know each other. They also met with their guidance counselor and attended a grade level assembly encouraging them to set goals for the year, to get involved in school government or clubs, and they were reminded about some of our expectations regarding phone use, attendance, bathrooms, taking care of one another, and lunches. 

One of the changes around lunches this year is that we are asking you not to have food delivered to school by Doordash or another service like that. We are asking that families bring lunches to school for their children. Doordash drivers do not always check in at the main office and may try to get into the school through another door, as they have done in the past. That is a serious safety concern for us, and we need your help dealing with it. Also, our front office folks are really busy, and I do not want to add getting deliveries from Doordash and tracking down those students to the long list of their responsibilities. 

More about lunches: we are having students enter their ID number at the cash register when they get a school lunch, even though their first school lunch is free again this year. We are required to keep track of who is getting a school lunch. Free and Reduced Lunch forms are being handed out in Advisory today. If you think your family may qualify, please fill out and return that form to us as soon as you can. 

To make drop-off and pick-up safer and smoother, I have some requests:

  • Please be a courteous and attentive driver. Our parking lots are busy and full of people trying to get somewhere quickly.
  • Obey the One Way, Buses Only, & Do Not Enter signs. That is a big help in keeping people safe and traffic moving smoothly.
  • Only drop-off and pick-up in the first One Way lane in the parking lot, or past the crosswalk and barriers by the gym entrance.
  • Do not speed. I know everyone is in a hurry, but speeding is a major safety concern.
    Thank you for your help with this.

If you or your child needs to reset your PowerSchool password, schedule a meeting with your child’s Guidance Counselor, or are having issues with their Chromebook, please use the Student/Family Helpdesk link to get assistance with those issues. 

I’m excited about the Professional Learning Groups (PLG’s) that we have started this year. In the beginning, these groups will be made up of adults, who will be working all year long after school ends on Early Release days. They will focus on ways to improve Advisory, the Plus Block, Social/Emotional support for students, and several other topics. Part of their responsibility is to incorporate student voices into that work. Students may be surveyed, interviewed, and/or invited to join those groups. I will keep you posted on their progress.  I’m confident that some great innovations will come from those groups. We are fortunate to have a lot of creative and thoughtful people working at this school.  

Open House will be in person this year. It is scheduled to happen on the evening of Thursday, September 29th. More information about Open House will be shared with you soon. 

Fall sports are beginning. Our student-athletes love seeing all of us at their games. Please come out and support them if you can. Game Schedule

We want this to be a great year for all of our students, their families, and the adults who work in our high school. Our continued collaboration is the best way to make that happen. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me, one of your child’s teachers, a guidance counselor, or our support staff if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Take care,
Talib Sadiq, Principal

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