Do You Know. . . Powerschool

Powerschool is the way your students’ teachers record their grades for work submitted in class. Students and their families can log into Powerschool to check on whether or a not a student has submitted all the work that has been graded for a class, and what grades the student received on that work.

Students receive a password to log into their Powerschool when they start at ARHS, and they keep that password until they graduate. If a student forgets their password, they can go to either Crystal Garrity in the Guidance Office or to Ella Stocker, the Head Librarian, to get it reset.

If parents or guardians would like to have separate access to their student’s Powerschool to check on their progress and grades, they can obtain their own login. Right now this has to be done in person at the school, and ID is required. Parents and guardians will have an opportunity to get their login during Open House on September 29; if you are unable to attend that, you will need to come into the main office during school hours to get it. Many parents and guardians find it easier to simply access Powerschool with their student, using the student’s login.

When you log into Powerschool, there is a menu on the left side. The most commonly-used window is “Grades and Attendance,” which shows your student’s current progress. Every course for the year is listed on this page; the current grade-in-progress for each course your student is currently taking will be listed in the appropriate box (e.g. “S1” for a 1st semester course, “Q1” for a 1st quarter course). There is also a link under each course that lets you. (or your student) email the teacher directly from Powerschool. To see your student’s grade broken down into individual assignments, click on the grade. This brings up a window that lists every assignment the teacher has graded and entered so far, and your student’s grade on each assignment.

You can use other menu items from the left menu bar to check overall student attendance, your student’s past grades, and their daily schedule. 

Finally, it is important to note that different teachers (and different classes) might use Powerschool in slightly different ways depending on the workflow for that class. Some teachers upload grades more than once per week, and some teachers do this less often. 

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