Restorative Justice Working Group

Amherst Regional Public Schools, School Equity Advisory Council,  Restorative Justice Working Group. RJWG-We are a group of community members; mothers, grandmothers, educators, and activists, supporting the program and the work involved to keep it all running. 

We meet monthly, sometimes twice in a month. Our first two meetings have taken place.  School staff announce, with excitement, the beginning of a new year and the building, and the continuum, of relationships among students and with other staff.  Our next meeting is scheduled for Ocotber 7th, 2022, at 10:00 am, via Zoom. You can contact Mary Lou, at, to be added.

Restorative Justice is a practice that focuses on circle gatherings, conflict resolution, pro-activism, but mainly it is centered to hear, listen to, and act on, the voices of the students who we are dedicated to “teach” and to serve. Thank you for interest.

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