All-Ensemble Winter Concert, December 20th @ 6pm

All Ensemble Winter Concert
Tuesday, December 20th
Call at 6pm, Concert at 7pm
ARHS Auditorium

Did you know that the ARHS Theater Company produces an average of six productions a year, with ample opportunities to perform, direct, design, and do tech work?

Look out for yellow calendar cards on sale at all student performances in December!Each calendar card is $10 and each calendar card you buy offers 31 CHANCES TO WIN IN JANUARY 2023. Every day in January we will draw a new card that will win an exceptional prize. See this year’s prizes….We can take online payments, but we are still selling the calendar cards in person in order to collect the stubs.Please contact Sujata if you would like an all electronic ticket sale. Thank you.

Thinking About Gifts?5 Cards for $45!
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