Reducing and preventing related health consequences, disease, accidents, and injuries

We are about to begin the Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment program (SBIRT) with 9th-grade students.  All screenings will be conducted confidentially in private 1:1 sessions by our school nurses or counselors who have been trained in SBIRT by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  We will utilize the CRAFFT+N screening tool, which is the most commonly used screening tool for adolescents in Massachusetts. 

This program focuses on harm prevention and does NOT generate disciplinary action.  Students are not pre-selected and results of the screening will not be included in your student’s school record, nor will results be shared with families or any staff other than the SBIRT team. Educational materials will be available along with a resource list for help if needed.  The overriding goal is to help prevent students from starting to use illegal substances.  We will reinforce healthy decisions for those who have made them and arrange for early support and intervention for those in need.

You or your child have the right to opt-out of SBIRT.  If this is your choice, please contact the school nurse as this screening is voluntary. 

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