The newest issue of The Graphic is live!

Hello, all,

I wanted to share the newest issue of The Graphic, ARHS’s school newspaper. 

I am incredibly impressed by my Journalistic Writing students’ tireless work on this issue. They covered a lot of hard-hitting news (from the turf project to building safety to staff contract mediation to the loss of a beloved student–and much more). 

They also introduce us to some of the passionate and inspiring new teachers and staff in the building and they share club/sports updates!

Thank you to everyone who spoke to them at length.

Because Friday is a half day and our newspaper is now online-only, I’d encourage teachers to consider giving students some time in class to read the 24 new stories by posting a link on Google Classroom. It would take a few hours for them to read them all!

Thank you so much for your support! The Graphic,

(P.S. If you are misquoted or notice an error, let me know, as I can edit the website). 

Sara Barber-Just
English Department Head
Advisor to The Graphic
Amherst Regional High School
My pronouns are she, her, hers

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