INFO FOR SENIORS: Mid-year report timeline, IEPs, and Scholarships

This message was sent out to the HS seniors:

Dear Seniors-
1. As you know, this is the last week of Semester 1/Quarter 2. This means that soon you will have finalized grades and we will send those finalized grades to the colleges to which you have applied. Here is our timeline:
– S1/Q2 ends on Jan. 20th
– Powerschool closes on Jan. 24th and reopens on Jan. 31st
– Be sure to look at your grades and check to see if there are any errors, and if so, contact your teacher(s) ASAP!
– Feb. 3rd- All finalized grades are due
– Feb. 7th- Grades are stored in the system
– Feb. 8th-9th- Mid-year reports are reviewed and downloaded
– Feb. 9th-14th- Midyear reports are sent to colleges

Please note that occasionally technical issues or staff absences can result in a slightly extended review period. This is a general timeline, not exact dates.

If a college is sending you scary emails about missing transcripts, it is likely because they are awaiting your midyear report. We cannot send ANY midyear reports for any reason for any student before February 8th because the report will not be available. Some colleges will tell you they have deadlines, and we may not meet those deadlines. If you hear from a college that they won’t accept anything after a deadline, please forward the email to Miss Garrity and she will call the admissions office. 

2. If you are a student on an IEP and you are planning on utilizing disability services at the college level, you may need to request copies of your IEP and diagnostic testing from the high school. For confidentiality reasons, we do not send these sort of sensitive documents to colleges without specific consent. If you are looking to provide your college with your IEP, 504 plan, or testing, please stop by Guidance or Room 309 for a copy of the release form! 

3. Finally, the Scholarship Book is in the works and will be released to seniors the week before February break! The book will contain over 50 scholarships available to ARHS students! If you’re already gearing up to apply and get your FREE MONEY, check out the scholarships that are already listed in the Class of ‘23 Google classroom! Not in the Google Classroom yet? Join with this code: 5vtd2lg

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